Artistic Tolerance within Context of Future Music Teachers’ Instrumental Performing Activity

Соболь, Наталія Віталіївна (2016) Artistic Tolerance within Context of Future Music Teachers’ Instrumental Performing Activity Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі : науковий журнал (1). pp. 29-34.


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The article is focused on the problem of future music teacher’s artistic tolerance formation. This phenomenon is defined as an important characteristic of contemporary specialists in the art education which influence their comprehension and interpretation of the works of art. The author reviews the content, aims and components of instrumental performance as a part of educational and artistic activities of future music teachers. The article highlights interconnection between future music teacher’s instrumental performing experience and development of his artistic creative tolerance. The quality of personality’s artistic experience depends upon the quantity of his passive contacts with works of art (a sort of “artistic communicative sessions” in auditory) and active interaction with artistic texts during its interpretation. The acquired future music teacher’s artistic experience has influence on achievement of his skills, techniques in music performances, and improves personal and professional qualities including artistic tolerance. The modern art in comparison with the classical art is more contradictious and needs to be learned profoundly. In this reason the level of personality’s respectability and treatment (in other words — tolerance) of the artistic phenomena, styles, genres etc could be different depending on his knowledge about them. Consequently, erudition and experience in wide cultural and artistic fields as a result of music activities are the background of the idea of artistic tolerant student — future music teacher. Also it is worth to notice, that individual mental, psychological and behavior features of each personality play an important role in the case of artistic tolerance formation. Therefore, the author of the article emphasizes that this phenomenon might be the result of personal wish to find out the essence of art.

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