Invisible Net

van Peer, Willie та Chesnokova, Anna (2017) Invisible Net In: Interdisciplinary Conference on Empirical Studies of Literariness “What is Literariness?”, October 10–13, 2017, Paris Institute of Advanced Studies.

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In the past, several studies have found empirical support for the psychological notion of foregrounding. In this paper we will present the results of a reading experiment investigating descriptive and evaluative reader reactions to a poem, both in its original form (containing rather heavy foregrounding, both deviation and parallelism) and a version (from which all foregrounding has been removed). In this sense the research presents a replication of earlier experiments as well as a comparison with some more recent ones that failed to find empirical evidence for the notion of foregrounding. It will also cast light on Bortolussi and Dixon’s rereading paradigm. The results will be combined with a reconsideration of the concept of literariness, which will be confronted with the variety within a reader population, as well as with the diversity within a text corpus. The latter will be confronted with Van Peer’s (1991) effort to develop a descriptive definition of literature, incorporating the heterogeneous nature of the corpus of texts that are regarded as literary. Revisiting these aspects of texts and their reception may illuminate persistent problems in the theory of literariness.

Тип елементу : Доповідь на конференції чи семінарі (Ключові аспекти)
Ключові слова: Foregrounding; empirical studies of literature; literariness
Типологія: Наукові конференції > Міжнародні
Підрозділи: Інститути > Гуманітарний інститут > Кафедра англійської філології
Користувач, що депонує: Анна Вадимовна Чеснокова
Дата внесення: 07 Серп 2017 10:59
Останні зміни: 07 Серп 2017 10:59

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