Integration of information and educational systems in the universal education university electronic environment

Buinytska, Oksana та Hrytseliak, Bohdan та Буйницька, Оксана Петрівна та Грицеляк, Богдан Ігорович (2017) Integration of information and educational systems in the universal education university electronic environment Open Educational E-environment of modern university (3). с. 6-16. ISSN 2414-0325


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The article is devoted to the integration of educational resources and educational and informational systems in a single information and educational environment of the university. Access to the university's information and educational environment is carried out through the additional web-site of the official portal “Information and educational environment” for authorization, which uses technology of the single sign-on point, the main element of which is the creation of a user database. Taking into account the features of the analyzed directory services and the use of the domain structure of the network organization, we have selected to create the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) database using the OpenLDAP open protocol. Were described the implementation of the settings for a single sign-on page using the protocol for the web CAS (Central Authentication Service). To synchronize the University's corporate email and available Google services with the LDAP database, Google Apps developed a Google Apps Directory Sync application that synchronizes the structure and all users in Google Apps. In order to synchronize the e-learning system based on the LMS Moodle, an existing appropriate module was used to authenticate users through the LDAP database. Configuring the module, synchronizing users and groups is presented in the article. Also are listed the settings specified in the LocalSettings.php file that are related to LDAP authentication with the university's wiki portal via the installed and connected LDAP authentication module. Also we described an approach to synchronizing users with the systems of scientific conferences and seminars based on the open conference system engine, which includes a module for LDAP authentication

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Ключові слова: information and educational environment of the university; directory databases; LDAP; synchronization; Moodle; Google Apps; Open Conference System
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