Educational web resources in prospective teachers’ professional training

Прошкін, Володимир Вадимович (2017) Educational web resources in prospective teachers’ professional training Освітологічний дискурс: електронне наукове фахове видання (1-2). pp. 183-197. ISSN 2312-5829


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In the article the important role of systemic using educational web resources in prospective teachers’ professional training is substantiated, which is a requirement of informatization of higher education and directly affects the ability and willingness of prospective teachers to use educational Web resources in their future professional activity. The author analyses the available classifications of educational web resources and presents his own classification of them according to the purpose and methods of using in the educational process of higher educational institutions. This classification consists of three main groups of Web resources: resources for students’ classroom activities (hosting for media files storage, systems of creation and storage of the training materials, systems of collective creating documents of different types etc.); resources for individual and extracurricular work of students of pedagogical universities (web resources for organizing future teachers’ project activity, distance learning systems, systems of virtual communication etc.); resources for scientific research (institutional repository, digital library, electronic periodical scientific publications, educational cloud). The author clarifies that in each specified group he pointed to the educational web resources that are the most frequently used in prospective teachers’ professional training but generally, their number is much higher. In addition, each of the named species is characterized by complex purpose and its using in the process of professional training of the teachers is not limited only by classroom, extracurricular or academic activities of the students. The author considers that this classification and methods of using educational Web resources in the educational process higher school, which are briefly characterized in the article, will produce a positive impact on the implementation of information and communication, including networking, technologies into the practice of prospective teachers’ professional training in the conditions of informatization of modern pedagogical universities educational environment.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: higher educational institution; electronic educational resources; information; prospective teachers; educational web resources; professional training.
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