Е-портфоліо як інструмент оцінювання діяльності студента

Varchenko-Trotsenko, Liliia та Tiutiunnyk, Anastasiia та Smirnova, Valeriia та Варченко-Троценко, Лілія Олександрівна та Тютюнник, Анастасія Володимирівна та Смірнова, Валерія Андріївна (2017) Е-портфоліо як інструмент оцінювання діяльності студента Open Educational E-environment of modern university (3). с. 161-172. ISSN 2414-0325


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Today, in the world there is a growth of understanding, that the indicator of high achievements of any participant in the educational process is not just the reproduction of information received at the educational institution. It is the ability to apply in the life and professional activities precisely those skills, which are necessary for the successful implementation of life and professional strategies after graduating. The actual task is to search methods, which allow estimating abilities of the student, to perform tasks in a real situation, to find information independently, to gain the necessary knowledge, to solve problems, which help them to be successful in any activity. Nowadays of the widespread use of information and communication technologies in all areas of human activity is relevant to the creation of an open electronic educational environment, which will contain its own web page for each participant in the educational process with qualitative indicators of their educational activities – an e-portfolio. It represents at the same time the form, process of the organization and technology of operation with products of cognitive activity of the students intended for demonstration of the interesting moments from the private and professional life of the student, his skills, and competences necessary for successful business and academic career. E-portfolio reflects scientific, sporting, creative and personal achievements, which are confirmed by the enclosed documents. Its formation allows each student to carry out introspection and selfassessment, to monitor the personal progress in a wide educational context, and for teachers to estimate assimilation of the general and professional competences comprehensively. These factors define the relevance of a problem, its significance for the educational process. Among different platforms for the creation of student’s e-portfolio by Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University was chosen the wiki platform, which provides openness and transparency of the results of student’s activities.

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Користувач, що депонує: Валерія Андріївна Смірнова
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