Communicative competence as the basis of successful management activity of the general leader institution leader

Редько, Сергій Іванович (2017) Communicative competence as the basis of successful management activity of the general leader institution leader Педагогічний процес: теорія та практика. pp. 21-24. ISSN 2078-1687

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The article is devoted to the problem of forming the communicative competence of the director of a comprehensive educational institution as a factor in the success of his activity. The success of a comprehensive educational institution depends on many factors, but it is primarily ensured by the cooperation of responsible, initiative educators and the leader, based on the ability to build effective communication. The success of managerial communication is determined by the quality of the communication process, the manager's ability to perceive and convey information, his ability to understand the interlocutors - pedagogical workers, students, their parents. Due to the special feature of the training of managers of the education industry and the improvement of their qualifications, considerable attention should be paid to the diversification of conditions and ways of optimizing the management process, among which the most important, in our opinion, is the special communicative preparation of the head, especially the newly appointed school principal. Emphasize the following components of communicative competence: orientation in a variety of communication situations, which is based on the individual's knowledge and life experiences; the ability to effectively interact with the environment through the understanding of oneself and others with a permanent modification of mental states, interpersonal relationships and conditions of the social environment; adequate orientation of the individual in himself - his own psychological potential, the potential of the partner, in the situation; readiness and ability to build contact with partners; internal means of regulating communicative actions; knowledge, skills and skills of constructive communication; internal resources, necessary for constructing effective action in a definite range of situations of interpersonal interaction. The communicative competence of the head of an educational institution implies the availability of such abilities: to provide socio-psychological forecast of the communicative situation, in which the process of communication takes place; Psychologically program the process of communication, relying on the peculiarity of the communicative situation; to carry out social-psychological management of the process of communication in a communicative situation. The communicative competence of the head of the educational institution can not be considered as a constant personal characteristic and to represent it as a closed individual experience. The communicative competence can and must be developed, in particular in the system of training of heads of educational institutions.

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