Rhetoric as an instrument of power

Бондар, Тетяна Іванівна (2017) Rhetoric as an instrument of power Науковий вісник Міжнародного гуманітарного університету. Серія: Історія. Філософія. Політологія (14). pp. 24-28.

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The phenomenon of power plays a significant role in the life of any society, and therefore the problem of research of power will remain relevant until there is a human society. Being a person as a social subject is inseparable from the existence of other members of society. The result of the life of this or that social organism is always the result of the interaction of its members, is the equilateral vector of the realization of the will of each of them, aspirations, aspirations, desires,results of the embodiment of the creative energy of each member of society, etc. Therefore, the problem of power, power relations and ways and means of their realization will always attract the attention of representatives of social and humanitarian sciences.In the social dimension, power represents a power relation that expresses any preference and domination. The psychological dimension of government fixes the attitude of leadership. Will, the imposition of will act as a transfer mechanism in the exercise of power. Relationships of the authorities are universal in nature, penetrating into all spheres of life and activity, and therefore the problem of finding means of realizing power relations always remains relevant. The purpose of the article is to analyze the role of rhetoric in the realization of power relations through verbal influence on the intellectual, emotional and psychological and volitional nature of man. The condition for the success and sustainability of power is the voluntary, conscious desire of people to obey. The most effective way to subjugate the will of others is to convince them. Persuasion is a successful intellectual influence on the human consciousness, as a result of which it itself comes to the thought that the act which it requires is necessary. The main means by which the persuasive influence of one subject is exercised on the other is the language. Language affects the attitude and understanding of man and the realization of power relations. Influence on the consciousness of other means of speech is carried out with the help of oratory, whose theoretical basis has been rhetoric since Aristotle’s time.

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