Theoretical and practical aspects of preparation of future teachers of mathematics for usage tools of computer visualization

Прошкін, Володимир Вадимович and Молчанов, Ігор Миколайович and Співак, Світлана Михайлівна (2018) Theoretical and practical aspects of preparation of future teachers of mathematics for usage tools of computer visualization Фізико-математична освіта : науковий журнал (1). ISSN 2413-158X


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Abstract. The article reveals theoretical and practical aspects of the preparation of future teachers of mathematics for the use of means of computer visualization, in particular, for the help of cloud technologies. The essential characteristics of the basic concepts of research has been outlined as following: cloud technologies, cloud-oriented learning environment. It has been determined that the main cloud services reflect the potential for using ICT outsourcing to create educational services, while building a personal electronic learning environment is based on the use of cloud-based technology SAAS. It has been noted that the use of computer visualization is considered as the most important factor in the implementation of personal electronic learning environment. Two classes of software tools for computer visualization have been investigated. The first class includes computer mathematics systems that use traditional notation and formulas (Maple, Matlab, Maxima, etc.). The second class includes programs of dynamic mathematics, which provides the possibility of dynamical changes in the original mathematical construction, a study of its set of numerical characteristics of the relations in the dynamics (GeoGebra, Mathkit or Matematicheskiy konstruktor, D., Gran, Cabri, Jivaya Matematika). The popular computer visualization tools have been highlighted, they are АnycChart,, Gram, Prezi, PowToon, etc. The methodical features of the use of computer mathematical tools in the work of the teacher of mathematics have been presented. The expediency of the thorough preparation of future mathematics teachers for the use of computer visualization tools has been proved.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: future teacher of mathematics; professional training; computer visualization tools; ICTcompetence; information and communication technologies; cloud technologies.
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Depositing User: Володимир Вадимович Прошкін
Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2018 10:10
Last Modified: 13 Dec 2018 10:10

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