Application of cloud-based learning technologies in the organization students’ research work

Bodnenko, Dmytro та Ostapenko, Nykyta (2018) Application of cloud-based learning technologies in the organization students’ research work Науково-технічний журнал "Кібербезпека: освіта, наука, техніка" (1). с. 49-55. ISSN 2663-4023


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The principal aim of research is to develop a mechanism for the organization of research work of students toward mastery of ICT literacy. In the article it has been formed the model of students’ research work organization in the learning process of informatics disciplines; produced the algorithm of cloud-based learning technologies application in the organization of history students’ research work; described recommendations for the structure and the content of e-learning materials in the study of cloud-based learning technologies (as a part of the training course in LMS Moodle). The several recommendations can be made on the basis of performed experience analysis of implementing a cloud oriented technologies of Informatics disciplines among the different specialties. It is advisable to use the model-table "Using a cloud oriented technologies of teaching", with appropriate adaptation to scientific-pedagogical and logistical capacity of a particular educational institution (specific structural unit or Department). The introduction of the designated model promotes: productive activity of students; autonomy of learning and the maximum approximation of the accumulated experience to the requirements of the labour market; the formation of an active research position of the project participants; the formation of students ‘ critical thinking by phased activation of the operations of thinking. Using the model need to be creative in overcoming some negative aspects: to develop the motivational aspect of attracting students to research activities; to form the definition of future student’s research activities; to maximize the interaction of science with the educational process and with the requirements of the labour market; to overcome the stereotype that not all students should be involved in scientific work.

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Ключові слова: cloud-based learning technologies; cloud service; e-learning materials; research-based study; ICT in education; didactics; Competence Formation Process; Information Communication Technology; Teaching Methodology
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