History of Advertising and PR

Афанасьєв, Ілля Юрійович (2019) History of Advertising and PR [Teaching Resource]


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The objective of the academic discipline History of Advertising and PR is the acquaintance with the historical formation and development of advertising and public relations as a social and communication technology of the positioning the activity's subjects. The tasks of the discipline provide: - the development of integral competency: to teach students to use effectively the historical experience of advertising, PR, in the practice of these areas of social communications; - the development of general competencies:  the formed state of world outlook, beliefs, preferences, views on social life and the place of personality in a changing world; the ability to analyze and evaluate social phenomena and processes;  understanding and observance of moral and ethical norms and values, a formed state of general culture, moral and ethical qualities; understanding of human rights and fundamental freedoms; the ability for democratic communication and civic tolerance; the ability for critical evaluation and resolving political, social, cultural and ideological issues;  observance of virtues (norms, guidelines, values) of a democratic society citizen; a formed state of active civic position;  ability to apply traditional and modern information technologies for forming a scientific and professional thesaurus;  ability to analyze, systematize, and use scientific and educational-methodological information in the professional area; readiness for lifelong learning;  ability to deepen and update knowledge independently, for self-organization, reflection, self-correction, professional self-improvement; - the development of professional competencies:  knowledge of the historical origins of advertising and PR, terminological and methodological tools, which are the product of both domestic and foreign advertising and PR theory and practice;  ability to use effectively media (television, radio, press, outdoor advertising, internet, etc.);  ability for written and oral communication in their native language; developed communication skills, tolerance, artistry;  free operation of non-verbal communication means (sign systems, appearance, facial expressions, pantomime, demeanor, etc.);  proficiency in the analysis of the technologies of public opinion formation, based on the experience of Ukrainian and foreign advertising and PR historical development;  proficiency in the identification and prevention of manipulative technologies, using historical examples;  proficiency in the analysis of advertising and PR campaigns designed for government organizations, business entities, non-governmental (non-profit) associations;  knowledge in regard to the formation and development of leading PR companies, the reasons for their failures and successes, as well as regarding the concepts of PR, to build a public relations system, taking into account the characteristics of target audience, micro and macro environment.

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