Activity of the Odessa opera and ballet theatre in August 1941 - 1942

Салата, Оксана Олексіївна (2019) Activity of the Odessa opera and ballet theatre in August 1941 - 1942 Східноєвропейський історичний вісник (12). pp. 137-148. ISSN 2519-058X (Print), 2664-2735 (online)


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The purpose of the study It is pointed out, that the cultural life of Ukrainian citizens during the German and Romanian occupation of 1941 - 1942 is an important historical page of the Second World War The activity of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater; which has always been in the spotlight of historical science, is being revealed. The research methodology. The research methodology is based on the principles of historicity, objectivity and scientific capacity. In the article analyzed the scientific development of the problem in the national and foreign historiography. The basic conceptual approaches for studying the problem are defined. This work has a scientific novelty in the context of foreign historiography. The activity of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater are an important part of the heritage of the national and world theater art. The identified period of study - August 1941 - 1942 is explained by the most favorable conditions of occupation time, when the cultural and theatrical life of Odessa was actively developing. Changes in theatrical life and work of actors began when the situation on the fronts for the German and Romanian troops deteriorated. Despite the above, this period has become important in the history of Ukrainian theaters: the achievements and complexities that they have experienced. Special attention in the process of research was found in the materials of the periodical "Odessa newspaper". During the work and analysis at the material, special historical methods of research were used, such as: the historical and comparative method, that made it possible to reveal the characteristic features of the activity of Ukrainian theaters during the occupation and the historical-system, by which it was possible to reveal the activities of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater changes of the theatrical staff attitude and repertoire. The scientific novelty. Important in this context was the activity of the theater staff during the Romanian occupation of Odessa in August 1941 - August 1942. is to reveal the peculiarities of the activities of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater under conditions of the Romanian occupation regime in August 1941 - August 1942, based on the materials of the periodical "Odessa newspaper" and archival materials. Conclusions. It is underlined the reasons for which the theatrical staff of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater could not move deep into the Soviet Union before occupation. Actors in the difficult conditions of the occupation regime turned their creativity into a true theatrical art, which kept domestic traditions and borrowed the experience of the luminaries of the world-class opera and ballet. The theater became an artistic center; where famous European actors and singers came. The role of the periodicals in the coverage of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater was determined. Establishment of the occupation regime the activities of the Romanian occupation administration the conditions in which actors worked; the study of memoirs and local periodicals shows the interest and support of the inhabitants of the city of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater and the interaction of the theatrical collective with the actors of foreign theaters of world importance and the preservation of its national artistic traditions.

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