Лєвіт, Дмитро Анатолійович (2019) Acting [Teaching Resource]

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The purpose of the course is the formation of a system of theoretical knowledge, practical skills of mastery of acting and the artistic word, mastering the elements of performing arts, mastering pedagogical means and methods, improving the language culture of the future teacher of musical arts, organizer of music schools and music schools. Course objectives: - awareness of the essence and functions of verbal action, its place in the education system of the future organizer of music-educational school events; - mastering the knowledge and skills needed to work with school amateur participants groups over the main means of stage action - verbal action in theatricals events, shows, concerts; - formation of experience of emotional and conscious attitude to the word as the main means stage action; - mastering the experience of creative activity in the field of acting in music- pedagogical and performing activities.

Item Type: Teaching Resource
Uncontrolled Keywords: acting skills; acting; stage action; artistic word
Subjects: Нормативні документи > Робочі програми навчальних дисциплін
Divisions: Institutes > Institute of Arts > Chair of Academic and Pop Singing
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Date Deposited: 18 Nov 2019 12:56
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