Analysis of the experience of the countries of Eastern Asia in preparation of future primary school teachers by the implementation of digital technologies

Настас, Дар'я Леонідівна (2019) Analysis of the experience of the countries of Eastern Asia in preparation of future primary school teachers by the implementation of digital technologies Open Educational E-environment of modern university (7). pp. 40-47. ISSN 2414-0325


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Digital and cloud-oriented technologies gained extremely powerful traction, Big Data and Web technologies are widely used, artificial intelligence is becoming popular as well as the Internet of things, smartphones and other devices have become an integral part of living in civilized society. Prompt digitalization predetermined the situation when learning is conducted spontaneously and informally. In today's realities educational process has to transform quickly and support gaining digital competence by all the participants. It is essential to follow the rules of secure and effective interaction with digital content, form media culture and media information literacy. To overcome challenges that appear in digital era it is necessary to provide high quality preparation of future teachers, that is why our aim was to research and analyze peculiarities of educational process of higher educational institutions of countries which have got significant gains in the field of creation and dissemination of the most modern IT technologies. The article analyzes the educational process of preparation of future elementary school teachers in East Asian countries, namely: South Korea, Japan, China (describes the levels of preparation in the higher education institution (HEI), specifies the peculiarities of the educational program and lists the educational goals that a future elementary teacher should achieve). It provides information on a study initiated and conducted by theThe Republic of Korean Research Foundation and outlines basic ideas for SMART education in understanding South Korean counterparts. Found out how future primary school teachers inThe Republic of Korea are trained in six core subjects with a combination of digital literacy to be taught in junior high. The vector of Japan's higher education reform is presented, which aims at developing conceptually new approaches to the organization of the educational space with a combination of classical pedagogy and IT, as well as information on the certification features of future and current teachers. The article focuses on educational innovations (interaction between IT and education), outlined by President Xi Jinping. The list of qualities that a Chinese teacher should possess in the 21st century is given.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: higher education institution (HEI); preparation of future teachers; higher education in East Asia; digital technologies; digital competence of the teacher
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