The socio-demographic factors of high school students' depressive and anxious manifestations

Литвиненко, Олена Олександрівна and Бандура, Юлія Валеріївна (2019) The socio-demographic factors of high school students' depressive and anxious manifestations Педагогічна освіта: теорія і практика. Педагогіка. Психологія: зб. наук. пр. (32). pp. 70-75. ISSN 978-966-7548-60-5


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The aim of this article is to summarize the results of theoretical study and empirical research of the peculiarities of depression and anxiety of high school students depending on socio-demographic factors. The article also presents practical recommendations that help to reduce the level of high school students’ depressive and anxious manifestations. The results of empirical research prove that high school students’ depressive and anx-ious manifestations strongly depend on the socio-demographic factors. We found that the-se disorders especially correlate with the type of the city, where a person lives: those who leave in small towns have higher indicators of both depression and anxiety. It means that high school students living in a metropolitan area are more likely to be depressed and anx-ious. That is why we can tell that depression and anxiety depend on the place of person’s residence. The identified regularity may be connected with the higher level of outlook and bigger amount of information to deal with that have the adolescents in the cities. Their lifestyle is usually extremely intensive, that they may have no time for proper physical and emotional recovery. That is why they tend to be depressive and anxious more often then the students who live in small towns. Furthermore, studying at the high school is associated with a professional orientation and choosing the future career. Students from the big cities usually face extremely high expectations from the society. These too high expectations also may influence the level of depressive and anxious manifestations. However all these hypothesise need further empir-ical researches to be proved or disproved. The article also presents the practical recommendations of prevention the high school students’ depression and anxiety. The recommendations were based on the results of em-pirical study and implemented in the work of the schools, were the research took place

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Uncontrolled Keywords: depressive manifestations; personal anxiety; situational anxiety; socio-demographic factor; psycho-pedagogical recommendations.
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