Trypillia Сulture late stage site at Gorodsk

Відейко, Михайло Юрійович (2017) Trypillia Сulture late stage site at Gorodsk Археологія і давня історія України, 4 (25). pp. 343-351. ISSN 2227-4952


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Trypillia Culture site, discovered at Gorodsk in 30th of XX century from the beginning became an object of discussion between archaeologists, who studied the last centuries of history of this cultural complex. It looks that Volhynia at the last centuries of IV Mil. BC became a cross—road of different cultures and trade routes, which reflected at finds from Gorodsk. This article dedicated to publication of forgotten materials and reloading of the old discussion.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: settlement; Gorodsk; Gorodsk type; Late Trypillia; cultural contacts
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