Integrated approach to determining key directions of state youth policy in the context of sustainable human development in Ukraine

Поспєлова, Тетяна Вадимівна (2019) Integrated approach to determining key directions of state youth policy in the context of sustainable human development in Ukraine Електронне наукове видання "Публічне адміністрування та національна безпека" (3).


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Based on the review of statistical data and the results of sociological research, the article reports the tendency in Ukraine to deform the human potential, simplify motivational mechanisms among young people, degrade the structure of needs, lose faith in themselves and trust in the state, and, as a result, increase the number of people wishing to leave Ukraine, which actualizes the importance of state youth policy. It is emphasized that under conditions when humanity as a whole, and Ukrainian society in particular, must move away from irrational models and take the path of sustainable, balanced development, the need to realize that human development is determined, first of all, by the level of value-motivational attitudes dominating in society, is actualized. It is proved that an integrated approach to the problem of human development involves taking into account two groups of factors: social ones characterizing the conditions created by the state for the development, preservation and realization of human potential, and personal factors characterizing the value-motivational basis of human development. Accordingly, the state youth policy in the field of human development should take into account both the first group of factors and the second one, and provide for the following key areas: scientific and educational, informational, institutional. The purpose of the scientific and educational direction is the formation of fundamental knowledge and values which are the ideological basis of human development. Informational direction is associated with bringing fundamental knowledge and values, which are the ideological basis of human development, to public consciousness. Institutional direction aims to use the institutional resources of society for sustainable human development.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: state youth policy; human development; sustainable development; self-actualization; value-motivational foundations of human development;
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