Idea formation of national identity in J. Chipiga publication in the journal "Light"

Богданець-Білоскаленко, Наталія Іванівна (2013) Idea formation of national identity in J. Chipiga publication in the journal "Light" Н.І. Богданець-Білоскаленко // Проблеми сучасної педагогічної освіти. Сер.: Педагогіка і психологія. – Зб.статей: Ялта: РВВ КГУ, 2013. – Вип. 41. – Ч. 6. – С. 50-56..


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This article analyzes the author of exploration Ukrainian scientist, educator James Feofanovycha Chipiga that were published in the journal "Light ." These articles were devoted to national education student ( child), the exclusive role of the native language in harmony and spiritual development and the development of personality, the fundamental principles of the national school image of the ideal teacher, methodological aspects of teaching children reading the explanation . Reveals the importance of the first in the central and eastern part of Ukraine Ukrainian pedagogical journal "Light ." Scientific papers Ya.Chepihy analysis shows that the scholar -teacher sought to create a Ukrainian school in the center of which - the child , the individuality of its uniqueness. In the background of this school – native, national, is in the process of education is gradually transformed flows in the universal .

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