Historical and pedagogical aspects of teaching foreign languages of future pre-school and primary school teachers in Ukraine

Терлецька, Любов, Миколаївна (2020) Historical and pedagogical aspects of teaching foreign languages of future pre-school and primary school teachers in Ukraine Колективна (три і більше авторів). Innovative scientific researches: European development trends and regional aspect: monograph. “Baltija Publishing”, Riga,Latvia: «Baltija Publishing».


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The purpose of the paper is to analyze pedagogical and histor¬ical aspects of teaching foreign languages of future pre-school and primary school teachers in Ukraine in the second half of the XX century and today. The theoretical analysis of literature on investigated issue allowed us to define such components of concept «pedagogical conditions of teaching foreign languages» as general pedagogical conditions and special-educa-tional ones. To our mind general pedagogical conditions are: purposefulness of pedagogical process, scientific character of maintenance of education, systematic character and sequence of educational process, consciousness, an activity of students during pedagogical process, the choice of optimal methods, forms, facilities, complexity of education, taking into account individual features of students, durability and effectiveness of the results of education, respect to personality of student in combination with demand. Such special-educational pedagogical terms as teaching of foreign speech activities (listening comprehensive, speaking, reading, writing), taking into account of native language, the maintaince of communicative exercises, personality-oriented teaching, authentic educational materials (textbooks, videomaterial and audiodiofiles, language labs etc.), motivational provid¬ing of foreign activity, individualization of process of teaching foreign lan¬guages are also very important. On the basis of analysis of archival data it can be asserted that students of pedagogical schools of Ukraine in the second half of the twentieth century had a low level of foreign language because of such reasons: the lack of curricula for teaching foreign languages for pedagogical schools, the reform of the system of educational institutions, the absence of qualified teachers, lack of textbooks and teaching materials on the foreign language. Consequently, mastering a foreign language is a complex process that consists not only of the ability to read and understand foreign language, but also of the systematic training of speech activity. In our opinion, it is necessary to highlight the following problems of foreign language teaching in modern educational institutions: the desire of students to speak the language quickly and perfectly; uniformity of exercises, lack of situational speech; lack or low level of motivation and interest in language learning; oversaturation of foreign language grammar; lack of a qualified teacher; application of modern methods of foreign language training etc.

Item Type: Monograph (Колективна (три і більше авторів))
Uncontrolled Keywords: foreign language teaching, foreign speech activity, teacher, сompetence, teaching,рedagogical conditions
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