Style ballroom dance: history, form and technique

Шариков, Денис Игоревич (2014) Style ballroom dance: history, form and technique Актуальні питання гуманітарних наук: міжвузівський збірник наукових працьмолодих вчених Дрогобицького державного педагогічного університету імені Івана Франка (8). pp. 198-203. ISSN 2308-4855

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The article analyzes the origins of the ballroom dance, the development of it in sports competitions. Analyzed the scientific works of the prominent scientists in the fields of ballroom dance. The characteristic features of the form, style and technique of ballroom dancing. The problem addressed by the study is interesting it is through relatively still in independent Ukraine critics is not defined Genesis, formally technological development, aesthetics and style of ballroom choreography as a separate species choreographic culture. Purpose is to identify the origins and development of ballroom dance from the court balls of XVI−XIX centuries, as well as competitions in the twentieth century: examine the scientific research ballroom choreography; definition of ballroom choreography according to the socio-cultural conditions of the present; define briefly the origins and development of ballroom dance during the XVI−XX centuries; describe the expressive means, movement and technique of dance forms European standard dance, Latin-American dance. Scientific and methodological publications on a points choreographer last quarter of the XX − beginning of XXI century are presented Braylovska L., Butomer P., Denits E., Ermakov D.A., Ivanikova A., Moore A., Regacony G. So, balleroom choreography is a social view of choreographic art and culture of modernity, formed under the influence of historical and social factors of artistic culture in the field of national, historic, academic, ballroom and Latin American dance that found in the dance even, or dancing ensemble on the principle of sport competitions. Also, jazz, Latin, rock and popular trends in musical subculture second half of the twentieth century created a new unique musical and dance forms, which formed a unique stylistic variety of techniques ballroom dance, interesting зображально expressive means of artistic representation and social forms in the choreographic art.

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