Searching knowledge of psyche in entirery

Поляничко, Олена Миколаївна (2012) Searching knowledge of psyche in entirery European Science and Technology. с. 654-657.


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The problem of psyche cognition in its integrity and unity of consciousness and unconscious spheres is considered in the article. The model of internal dynamics of psyche, developed by aca-demician Yatsenko T.S, NAPS of Ukraine, is the basic in the formation of practical psychology theory, providing understanding of structural functional and power features of the mental. The deep knowledge of unconscious is possible only in the unity with consciousness that assumes transfor¬mation of simultaneous processes in dicretive realized.

Тип елементу : Стаття
Ключові слова: integrity of mental; unity of conscious and unconscientious; method of active social psychological training (ASPT) psychoanalysis of drawings.
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