Neo-imperial Geopolitics in Latin America and the Caribbean: Current Problems and Perspectives

Гольцов, Андрій Геннадійович (2015) Neo-imperial Geopolitics in Latin America and the Caribbean: Current Problems and Perspectives Вестник СПбГУ. Сер. 6. Политология. Международные отношения (3). pp. 113-126. ISSN 2411-121X

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Modern informal empires (neo-empires) use in their geopolitics «soft» and «hard» methods. Domination of neo-empires over other countries is predominantly latent. The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a region in which geopolitics of modern neo-empires manifest. LAC has been the traditional sphere of geopolitical control of the US. Modern imperial geopolitics of the United States in LAC is estimated as inadequate. Geopolitics of the US in the region aims at preserving its hegemony, separation of LAC countries, easing of their integration associations. Promising tools of the United States geopolitics in Latin America and the Caribbean are: economic integration under the auspices of US; two-way interaction; the network political, economic, informational influence; «soft power». Military and political control remains one of the most important direction of the United States geopolitics in the region. LAC countries form the geopolitical and geoeconomic systems at regional and subregional level without the participation of the United States. Brazil has a sufficient potential and the political will to become the geopolitical and geo-economic hegemon in the South America. Leading states of the ALBA spend geopolitics directed against US dominance in the LAC. Geopolitics of Russia and especially China in the region is manifested by support of political and economic isolation of LAC countries from the US and by measures to strengthen their influence.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: informal neo-empire; neo-imperial geopolitics; military geopolitics; geoeconomic control; anti-American geopolitics; network geopolitics; geopolitics of internationalism
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