A Consept "Competence" and "Competency" in European and American Pedagogical Space

Мосьпан, Наталя Вікторівна (2015) A Consept "Competence" and "Competency" in European and American Pedagogical Space Науковий вісник Миколаївського національного університету імені В.О.Сухомлинського (4 (51)). pp. 122-126.

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The policy of integration of higher education in Ukraine in the European Higher Education Area requires a clear interpretation and understanding of English pedagogical terminology and its adaptation to the national scientific area. The article analyzes the interpretation of basic concepts of «competence» and «competency» in European and American pedagogical discourse. The works of EU and USA scientists serve the material of our study. The analysis shows that in the EU scientific pedagogical area the term «competence» is commonly used, while the theory of «competency» comes from the USA. The term «competency» is concidered to be more detailed or advanced expression. Ambiguity in interpretation of these concepts demonstrates the shortcomings of concept of «competence» in pedagogical practice.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: competence; higher education; knowledge; skills; term
Subjects: Статті у журналах > Фахові (входять до переліку фахових, затверджений МОН)
Divisions: Інститути > Гуманітарний інститут > Кафедра англійської філології
Depositing User: Наталя Вікторівна Мосьпан
Date Deposited: 14 Jan 2016 13:12
Last Modified: 14 Jan 2016 13:12
URI: https://elibrary.kubg.edu.ua/id/eprint/13022

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