Ivan Irliavski’s Lyrics in the context of the «Prague school» poetry

Шимоняк, Катерина Богданівна (2016) Ivan Irliavski’s Lyrics in the context of the «Prague school» poetry PhD thesis, 1.

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In the thesis the author explains the specifics of Ivan Irliavskyi’s text as an aesthetic reflection of the psyche of the Transcarpathian poet-fighter. The artist’s lyrics requires analytic scrutiny from the standpoint of ethnic psychology, and artistic interpretation of the mythological and folklore sources, which are combined with the understanding of the existential ontological perspective. These signs of the artist’s creative handwriting , have not yet been the subject of special studies, will allow to approach closer to the definition of the features of poetics and style of the Irliavskyi’s creative heritage, to clarify the issue of the artist’s innovative search in the all-Ukrainian context. The principle of the biographical analysis and the studies of the problems and poetics of works provides the basis for the consideration of the author’s lyrics. The thesis research justifies the specificity of stylistic dominant in the I.Irliavskyi’s works that includes elements of symbolism (bright colors, sacred significance of the phenomena of nature, philosophical rethinking of human destiny as the change of annual cycles), however, the determining factor in the author’s poetic system is the neo-romanticism as the style of the epoch that largely determines the nature of national sentiment in the artistic heritage of the poet. Poesy of the historical past of Ukraine, the desire for freedom, heroism become the conceptual basis for his lyrics. The first attempt of complex analysis of ideology and the evolution of the Ivan Irliavskyi’s views that were influenced by patriotic intellectuals of Transcarpathia and the whole Ukraine, is made. The search for national identity was reflected in the system of artistic system of the artist’s poetry collections. In the books "The Voice of the Silver Land", "My spring", "September", "Brosti" the lyrical hero seeks the ways to reveal national capacities in the historical past. The author's reflections about the ideal of the Ukrainian people embrace the value-emotional grasp of the national character. The thesis analyzes the features of historiosophic world outlook inherent in I. Irliavskyi and other poets-the "praguers", as reflected in their works, clarifies the artistic and historical determinants of this concept formation and implementation. The achieved results (comprehension of the stylistic features, the key images of the artist’s poetic world and their connection with the historical and literary context of the epoch) enable to determine the place of I. Irliavskyi in the Ukrainian literary process of writing at the times of interwar twenties. Common themes, motifs and images allow us to speak about organic joining of the Ivan Irliavskyi’s creative legacy in the context of the "Prague school" lyrics.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: lyrics, archetype, myth, symbol, destiny, road, time, a poetic calendar, vision, official
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