Socio-historical and epistemological circumstances explanation for osvitology

Рябенко, Валерій Олександрович (2015) Socio-historical and epistemological circumstances explanation for osvitology Освітологія / українсько-польський щорічник (4). pp. 106-111. ISSN 2226-3012

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This article analyzes the deep socio-historical and epistemological circumstances explanation for osvitology. Their definition helps to explain the emergence of this new scientific field of education research and its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character. The author puts forward the hypothesis that the fundamental socio-historical factor in the formation, evolution and complex structure for osvitology is the development of social production. Its first historically, the highest and most universal form of production is production of a person. But at the dawn of the history of low levels of this form of production caused its disintegration into three components: material production, spiritual production and production of forms of social relations. For thousands of years these types of production developed relatively independently. But the impact of material production was dominant on them. Only in the mid-20th century material production loses its dominance. In the foreground we see first spiritual production, then production of forms of social relations, and finally, the production of a person. Production of a person is crucial is the most universal form of production. Production of a person again converted to the most universal and influential form of production. In turn, the most important component of production of a person is the production of his inorganic body. It takes place in education and training. These features and the general structure of the current state of social production is the main ontological factor which to some extent determines the complex structure and poliaspektnist for osvitology, which studies education. In epistemological plane priority have two factors the interpretation of the essence and structure for osvitology. On the one hand, it features a display ontological manifestations of the main types of production in some categorical mode of production. On the one hand, it a reflection of the main types of social production in categorical row mode of production. On the other - sequential movement of scientific knowledge of nature education from surface educational process to the deeper, hidden and unobvious its definitions: economic, political, social, legal, communication, organizational, spiritual, philosophical.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: education and learning production; education learning process; epistemology; material production; spiritual production; production of a person; production of forms of social relations; inorganic body of a person; organic body of a person; osvitology.
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