Lashko M. Maria Hrinchenko’s pedagogical and enlightmental activity (1863–1928). – As a manuscript.

Лашко, Михайло Васильович (2015) Lashko M. Maria Hrinchenko’s pedagogical and enlightmental activity (1863–1928). – As a manuscript. PhD thesis, Київський Університет імені Бориса Грінченка.

[thumbnail of "Педагогічна і просвітницька діяльність Марії Грінченко (1863-1928)" автореферат дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата педагогічних наук.]
Text ("Педагогічна і просвітницька діяльність Марії Грінченко (1863-1928)" автореферат дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата педагогічних наук.)
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The thesis on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences on a speciality 13.00.01 general pedagogics and a history of pedagogics. – Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Kyiv, 2015. The dissertation gives a complex integrated analysis of well known public figure, translator, author of popular science books M. Hrinchenko’s educational and enlightmental activity. The studies show that M. Hrinchenko’s formation and establishment as a teacher and educator were affected by similar factors, among which were political situation in Ukraine; misunderstandings in the family; studying at Bogodukhiv gymnasium and teaching at Bohoduhiv schools; meeting B.Hrinchenko and fundamental changes of her world outlook under his influence; contacts with outstanding pedagogians; writers, translation activities, participation in educational movement. Main periods of M. Hrinchenko’s educational activity distinguished as follows: 1) Kharkiv period (1881–1884) – pedagogical activity at Bogodukhiv public schools; 2) Kherson period (1884–1887) – pedagogical and educational activities with B.Hrinchenko in Kherson region; 3) Oleksiyivka period (1887–1894) – pedagogical and educational activities in Oleksiyivka elementary school (Luhansk region); 4) Chernihiv period (1894–1902) – M. Hrinchenko’s educational and publishing activities as a member of Chernihiv «Hromada»; 5) Kyiv period (1902–1928) – M. Hrinchenko’s educational and publishing activities as a member of Kyiv «Prosvita»; struggle against Ukrainian language oppressions by tsarist government (1910–1917); educational and publishing activity during Ukrainian revolution (1917–1918); work in the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences with the Ukrainian language Dictionary, participation in the «Sojuz ukrainok» (Union of the Ukrainians). The distinguished M. Hrinchenko’s main pedagogical ideas are as follows: the teacher's role in society, humanistic principles in educational process; creating normal conditions for teachers living and working; material and financial situation of schools; their role in the society; the content of school education; rural libraries functioning as an important educational link of public schools; criticism old authoritharian forms of learning, contrasting them new humanistic ones formed on the basis of goodwill without any element of coericion; innovative approaches in educational process (development of skills and initiatives of children, individual approach to child, extracurricular activities); one of her main idea was national-language-based education. It was found that M. Hrinchenko attached great importance to the creation of textbooks in according to scientific principles: nationality, patriotical direction, communication educational process with life, religious and political neutrality (edition in 1912 «Ridne slovo» a textbook for elementary education, that was prepared for publication together with B. Hrinchenko. Creation and publication in 1918 of the reader book «Nasha ridna mova» in two parts). In according to the modern requirements to elementary education, M. Hrinchenko’s textbooks may be classified as integrated for primary education textbooks. Because they implemented informational and developing educational functions. Distinguished M. Hrinchenko’s main ideas about family education. According to M. Нrinchenko leading role in family education relegated to such aspects: national tenor of family life and education, national basis of family education; example of parents in the upbringing of the child; health care for the child; good relations between parents and children; labor education as an integral part of family life; child's active participation in public life; theater as a source of aesthetic education; mother's role in the child’s personality forming; equal rights of men and women. Summarized main areas of M. Hrinchenko’s educational activity are as follows: publishing activity; creation of popular science books, popularization of creative heritage of Ukrainian activist, teacher and writer Borys Hrinchenko. M. Hrinchenko’s publishing activity characterized by strong educational direction: M. Hrinchenko’s publishing activity in cooperation with B. Hrinchenko; publishing activity since B. Hrinchenko’s death until the overthrow of the tsarist autocracy; publishing activity during Ukrainian revolution; publishing activity during the Soviet era. Distinguished main features of M. Hrinchenko’s publishing activity, among them: fighting with Russian censorship, publishing B. Hrinchenko’s works, herself, and foreign writers; active publishing of educational books for children, education of adults. It has been demonstrated that M. Hrinchenko proved herself an author of popular science books for people. Analysis of the contents of these books shows their wast tematics: geography and science, medicine, technology, history, ethnography, political science, philosophy. M. Hrinchenko’s popular science books made a great contribution to national educatational process, they enlarged peoples knowledge in various scientific fields, and increased general cultural level of the Ukrainians. Main trends in the M. Hrinchenko’s activity to the popularization of creative heritage of Boris Hrinchenko distinguished: the publication of his biography and works in collaboration with M. Plevako; active cooperation with the named B. Grinchenko institutions and participating in events dedicated to honoring of his memory; popularizing creative heritage of Boris Hrinchenko abroad, active participation in cultural events dedicated to memory of the teacher; saving B. Hrinchenko’s library; defending B.Grinchenko’s name in press. Little known and unknown documents that expand knowledge about M. Hrinchenko are introduced into the scientific circulation. The main results may be used in the course of history of pedagogics, in the textbooks, in further research.

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