The Iconic Geometry of a Linguistically Effective Website

Paliichuk, Elina and Shurma, Svitlana (2016) The Iconic Geometry of a Linguistically Effective Website English Discourse Studies in the Times of Change: Seventh Brno Conference on Linguistics Studies in English. p. 27.

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Iconicity has been a notion widely used in cognitive studies (see Freeman 2009, Ungerer and Schmid 2013 et al) and commonly viewed as “a motivation of linguistic form” (Wilcox 2004: 141) or the way the way language and speech reflect the world. Iconism (Wescott 1971), a term used to refer to direct relation between a sign and reality, in cognitive studies evolved to cognitive iconicity (Wilcox 2004: 119) understood as resemblance of a cognitive structure to some objective world image. We believe that cognitive iconicity is crucial to the idea of how to sponge maximum effect of website content. The iconic structures are realized in a website texture via verbal units activating certain image-schemas either semantically or grammatically. Image-schemas and corresponding verbal iconic elements stimulate the circulation of recurrent patterns across the website. Language geometry of constructing messages, backed up with visuals facilitating customers’ response and consumption, is of our main interest within the project. We aim to trace linguistic and cognitive strategies applied to content of five top advertising websites. Analysis of Fluid, Ideo, Phuidmedia, Edelman and websites shows that the most repeated image-schema identified in both visual and verbal presentations is up. Despite the fact that each website strives for uniqueness, it was noted that all of them use simple and easy “shapes” to visualize ideas through prototypical image-schemas, such as motion, path, dna-structure, rotation cycle, etc., which make the websites attention-grabbing and alluring.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: iconicity; cognitive iconicity; image-schema; cognitive linguistics; language geometry;
Subjects: Це архівна тематика Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Наукові конференції > Міжнародні
Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Кафедра перекладу
Depositing User: Доцент Світлана Григорівна Шурма
Date Deposited: 11 Oct 2016 07:02
Last Modified: 11 Oct 2016 07:02

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