Universal patterns of open systems' development: language, myth and culture

Колесник, Олександр Сергійович (2016) Universal patterns of open systems' development: language, myth and culture Актуальні проблеми романо-германської філології та прикладної лінгвістики (1-2). pp. 292-298.

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Present-day linguistic studies that are regarded to be interdisciplinary are yet incapable of suggesting solutions to fundamental issues concerning the origin of language, the nature of irrational mode of cognition, the myth's crossing over into various domains of the "rational" post-modern world. The article addresses the said issues from the standpoint of the myth-oriented semiosis theory, semiotics, linguo-cultural and linguo-cognitive studies accentuating their correlation with phenomena pertaining to the worlds of different degrees of "reality" and created via codes other than lingual. We outline basic assumptions that lead to the further search for universal patterns of energy-information exchange between the systems of diverse nature. These are the neo-anthropocentric approach that focuses on man's relative and dynamic rather than focal and dominating status within the network of life as well as in research procedures; causative-systemic worldview and combination of rational and irrational (sensory, intuitive, "pre-learned") cognitive procedures. We also consider the principle of "gnoseological relativity" that allows multiple interpretations of the obtained data as well as integrating seemingly contradictory theories and approaches towards analysis thus aiming at creating a multidimensional model of open systems' interactions. The article discusses the following patterns of the said systems' development: the law of polarity, the law of reiteration, the law of conservation, the law of cyclic development, the law of alternative choices, the law of hierarchic and synergetic development, the law of conditionality. The manifestations of these laws are traced at the levels of lingual units, texts, myth and cultural patterns.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: myth; culture; regularity; system; pattern
Subjects: Статті у журналах > Фахові (входять до переліку фахових, затверджений МОН)
Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи > Кафедра германської філології
Depositing User: Професор Олександр Сергійович Колесник
Date Deposited: 14 Nov 2016 12:05
Last Modified: 14 Nov 2016 12:05
URI: https://elibrary.kubg.edu.ua/id/eprint/15595

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