Sphere of concepts of “the first brave” creative world (Vasyl Chumak, Vasyl Ellan-Blakytnyy, Gnat Mykhailychenko, Andriy Zalyvchyy)

Марчак, Тетяна Андріївна (2016) Sphere of concepts of “the first brave” creative world (Vasyl Chumak, Vasyl Ellan-Blakytnyy, Gnat Mykhailychenko, Andriy Zalyvchyy) PhD thesis, Київський унверситет імені Бориса Грінченка.

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The work represents complex research of sphere of concepts and individual style of the writers whose creative work has become a unifying link between early modernism and its new stage in the 20ies of the XXth century – Vasyl Chumak, Vasyl Ellan-Blakytnyy, Gnat Mykhailychenko, Andriy Zalyvchyy. Having used literary-critical works, significant literary texts, the preconditions for the formation of the “the first brave” creative center have been analyzed and the mechanisms of young writers’ aesthetic orientations, due to socio-cultural context, have been traced. Within individual styles the basic concepts of creativity, their poly-aspectual semantics have been singled out and described; individual authors’ principles of conceptual art sphere have been outlined and typological features that allow to identify the historical and literary phenomenon of “the first brave” as organically integrated artistic and imaginative space with common spiritual-axiological, cultural and genetic traits have been determined. It has been established in this research that identification, style and functional strategies of the creative works of Chumak, Ellan-Blakytnyy, Mykhailychenko, and Zalyvchyy were due to the unity of political views and philosophical national-centered orientations. They appeared in original artistic picture of the world, completed and integrated in its own way, embodied in the system of individual authors’concepts. In prose and poetic creative works of the “the first brave” the basic concepts are traditional Ukrainian literature concepts of liberty / bondage, which act as foundation for hierarchical system of associative artistic concepts. Semantic fields of this key antithesis unfold in complex system of symbols, the original authors’ images, based on attributive and associative concepts. In the poetic system imaginative specificity of stylistic tropes and figures, with carefully selected metaphors, inversion epithets, rhetorical figures, is combined with an abstract, conceptual content of artistic concepts, different in semantic attitude. Some of them belong to poetic structure of individual poem, others are realized in the form of character motif or topos in several writings or in the work of the poet in general. Others through semantics concepts correspond with the literary and cultural tradition, generating a variety of bizarre associations and allusions to the reader. Sphere of concepts of “the first brave” has a creative personality markers of each writer, but it is also has important points in terms of convergence. It is characterized by bright synthetic potential realized in the synthesis of literary genres and different types of art. The most important principle of building structural sphere of concepts of “the first brave” is a binary opposition, which generates authenticity of artistic world view, drama in prose plot constructing and development of contrasting lyrical motifs in poetry.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: “the first brave”, concept, sphere of concepts, artistic picture of the world, modernism, individual style, flash fiction
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