Dmytro Hordieiev and kharkhiv art critics’ activity in 1920-1930s

Бонь, Олександр Іванович (2016) Dmytro Hordieiev and kharkhiv art critics’ activity in 1920-1930s Київські історичні студії (1). pp. 70-78.

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There were two biggest art criticism researches in Kyiv and Kharkiv in Soviet Ukraine. They were formed in pre-revolutionary times. In Kharkiv art criticism investigations were developed by the followers of F. Shmidt. Dmytro Hordieiev was one of them. He belonged to a generation of young Ukrainian art critics, such as F. Ernst in Kyiv, S. Taranushenko, O. Nikolska and others in Kharkiv. After F. Shmidt leaving to Leningrad, D. Hordieiev often coordinated Kharkiv scientists’ interaction with VUAN in Kyiv. Although he lived most of the time in Tbilisi, D. Hordieiev ruled Kharkiv section of Kiev scientifi c research department of art criticism in 1926–1930s. He used these life’s circumstances for the development of Ukrainian science. His living in Georgia prompted oriental studies and studies about Caucasus in Ukraine. Dmytro Hordieiev worked for a long time at the Kharkiv Art Institute, in All-Ukrainian Association on Oriental Studies. He did a lot for development of Ukrainian Scientifi c Research Institute of Material Culture History. D. Hordieiev was a deputy director and the Head of the History of Art Department of this scientifi c institution. In June, 1933 D. Hordieiev was fi red because he hadn’t proved his methodological “rearmament”. Despite of appealing to the Deputy Commissar of Education A. Khvylia and the Commissar V. Zatonskyi he couldn’t resume his job. On October 10, 1933 he was arrested. Together with other Kharkiv art critics and museum workers S. Taranushenko, V. Zummer, V. Dubrovskyi and others he was sentenced for invented case concerning the participation in counter-revolutionary organization that aimed to overthrow the Soviet regime. They served their sentence together in BAMLAG. D. Hordieiev could live in prison and was prematurely released. And only in 1959 he was rehabilitated. After the prison he had to work exclusively in Georgia. Dmytro Hordieiev made a signifi cant contribution to the development of the Kharkiv school of art criticism in 1920–1930s. Thanks to his eff orts Kharkiv section of Scientifi c Research of the Department of Arts acted and new generation of art researchers was trained.

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