Relationship between hetmanate and Zaporozhye in a period of Ivan Briukhovetskyi

Щербак, Віталій Олексійович (2016) Relationship between hetmanate and Zaporozhye in a period of Ivan Briukhovetskyi Київські історичні студії (1). pp. 54-59.

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In the article it is analyzed the main directions of relations between the government of Ivan Briukhovetskyi and the kosh of Zaporozhian army of the Lower Dnieper during 1663–1668s. It is noted that the “Moscow Articles” (1665) strengthened the administrative, fi nancial and military dependence of the Ukrainian state from the Moscow kingdom. This directly aff ected the relations of the hetman and the Cossacks, resulting in searching of contacts by the latter with the right bank governor Petro Doroshenko. The reports of I. Briukhovetskyi to the king and the Kyiv governor P. Sheremetiev contained the accusations of Sich Cossacks in betrayal. The king’s messenger, clerk I. Leontiev, came to Ukraine in order to verify the information. The hetman explained to Moscow clerk that the causes of Cossacks’ riots were driven by violent actions of some royal governors, resulting in many farmers and townsmen moved to the Sich. The resentment of Sich Cossacks against the hetman and the governors was intensifi ed with the signing of the Andrusovo’s truce in 1667, according to which Zaporizhzhia remained in subjection to both the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Moscow. Collection of taxes by Moscow offi cials in the Cossack Hetmanate caused anti-Russian movement, which Briukhovetskyi wanted to head, expecting for alliance with the Cossacks and the Turkish support. However, with the arrival of P. Doroshenko troops on the left bank of the Dnipro I. Briukhovetskyi was killed and the Sich remained in opposition to the “Hetman of Both Banks of the Dnieper River”. The attention is focused on Moscow, which largely determined the nature of the relationship between Zaporozhye and the Hetmanate.

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