Кутішенко, Валентина Петрівна (2016) THE PHENOMENON OF INTERSEXUAL LOVE IN THE SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY PARADIGM Педагогічний процес: теорія і практика, 3 (54). pp. 17-22. ISSN 2078-1687

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The article reveals the essence of the phenomenon of intersexual love in the context of spiritual psychology paradigm. Theoretical analysis of literature not only psychological but also philosophical and spiritual ones is posted since these approaches to the phenomenon of love occupy complementary position. The peculiarities of perception of love by students who think that they already have had or are having an experience of love for the opposite sex are analyzed. Interpersonal love is considered not as feeling, but as a form of spiritual practice based on the person’s ability to join the spiritual space that opens it to operate at higher laws of goodness, mercy, and sacrifice on the opposite sex. The ability to love is illuminated as an opportunity to go beyond the self ego, to focus on the other person to go through the full sense of the unity of souls, male and female energy, and blissful experience of contact in a different reality. The attention is focused on the fact that intersexual loves as a form of spiritual practice helps people reach a higher level of understanding and creative self-realization. After all, person has opened the essence of another person in the process of obtaining such a spiritual experience, such an opportunity to perceive them integrally, as they really are, understand and accept them despite their shortcomings. Moreover the man begins to deeply understand themselves, becomes better and is able to work positive change. It puts forward the assumption that everyone has the opportunity to love, but not all are able to join this spiritual practice, not all are open to it (as in the love of God, one’s neighbor). Character traits define this ability to love. The inner human world is building outlines and specifics of the manifestation of love. The perception of association with another person as a temporary phenomenon explains the ambivalence of love experiences. It puts forward the assumption that intersexual love selectivity indicates that love arises between those who are on the same level of spiritual attainment. Understanding the nature of this phenomenon will allow people to recognize it, to cultivate certain traits for such an experience and also to optimize the work of specialists in the field of intersexual relations.

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