Arthur Schopenhauer about parallels ethos of music and the "volition to live" in the Universe

Каблова, Тетяна Борисівна (2016) Arthur Schopenhauer about parallels ethos of music and the "volition to live" in the Universe Вісник Національної академії керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв: наук. журнал. (4). ISSN 2226-3209

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The purpose of the work. Research related to the analysis of concepts such as ethos, which is a stable state of music and the «volition to live» Arthur Schopenhauer, who treated according to svitobuttya harmony. Ethos is seen as a stable state of music, appearing on the transcendent dimension kulturotvorchosti according to historical and paradigmatic changes of World. Methodologу of the reseаrсh іs а use of сompаrаtіve аnd hіstorісаl-logісаl methods, contextual and systematic methods. The above methodological approach allows to reveal and to analyze artistic phenomenon like part of cultural process. Also we used in our research cultural method. This approach allows us to consider all parts and cultural layers in their relationship. Scientific novelty consists in expanding notions of ethos music as a manifestation of the harmony of the cosmos. Analysis concept of ethos music allows to distinguish the spirit of music and consider it in correlation with the «volition to live». Ethos of music is interpreted as the embodiment of the micro and macro cosmos. Conclusions. In the category Spirit of Music, like «heart of ethos music» implicitly embodied the style, ethos and estezys human «being-in-culture». This category constantly playing the archetypical harmony with the depth of the World.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ethos of music; «volition to live»; spirit of music; the harmony of the world.
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