THE ROLE OF CULTURE AND ART IN THE NATION’S HISTORYHENESIS (on the material of literary-critical works of Ulas Samchuk)

Руснак, Ірина Євгеніївна (2016) THE ROLE OF CULTURE AND ART IN THE NATION’S HISTORYHENESIS (on the material of literary-critical works of Ulas Samchuk) Гуманітарна освіта в технічних вищих навчальних закладах (31). pp. 193-214. ISSN 966-7773-70-1

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The article focuses on the little-known literary criticism works of Ulas Samchuk. In this text is analyzed the author‘s reflections about culture and art and their influence on the nation formation processes. Ulas Samchuk considers that literature is the essential principle of the nation spiritual foundation. We pay much attention to the author‘s aesthetic aspects, because on his mind culture, art and verbal communication should play the main transforming role in a society. And Ulas Samchuk has his own historical and philosophic conception and particular literary view. The professional thoughts of Ulas Samchuk can be called as National Conservatism. The main aspects of this idea have grown on harmonic and natural understanding and feeling of Ukraine. He reached more to the literary group like traditionalism and he was a traditionalist in his own. The author consciously didn‘t accept another literary trend such as artistic avant-garde. The writer asserted that the artistic avant-garde connected with the neoteric utopian ideas in the ideal modern society. In his opinion political Europe in the middle of the XX century with its representatives of totalitarianism formally didn‘t admit modern trends of life and art. However it had the same nature as the Picasso‘s art and Marinetti‘s literary features. Ulas Samchuk made the main conclusion about mutual relations between History and Culture. He insisted on the fact that culture plays one of the most important role in the state building process. Almost in his literary creations especially in the pre-war works is noticed the culture influence on the hole national character and political consciousness of the nation. The writer puts forward the idea about the special purpose of the artist in the society. He proves that the artist is a ―preacher‖ in society who stands at the very beginning of social changes. In his literary-critical works Ulas Samchuk has created his own philosophy of art and culture. The main peculiarity of this philosophy says about the artist‘s understanding of the outward and the cognition of the individuality of the Ukrainian nation. The important thing in this process is the analysis of mental, historical and creative roots of the Ukrainians. The aesthetics of the Ukrainian literature which was created by Ulas Samchuk based on the modern European culture. The author‘s philosophy covers the present time and the future and his literary thoughts give the impulse to the society and public thinking development which can lead to the effective social changes.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: historyhenesis of nations; traditionalism; high literature; role of artist; avant-gardism;
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