Здоров’язбережувальне середовище дошкільного навчального закладу як чинник формування здорової особистості дитини

Желанова, Вікторія В'ячеславівна (2016) Здоров’язбережувальне середовище дошкільного навчального закладу як чинник формування здорової особистості дитини Вісник Луганського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка, 303 (6). pp. 228-234. ISSN 2227-2844

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The paper highlights the problems of forming child’s healthy personality by means of health care environment of preschool educational institutions. The attention is accentuated on the integrated look to health .There are four main components of health: physical (individual features of anatomic build, perfect(after norm) level of physical development of organs and systems of organism), psychical (certain goals, necessities, interests, reasons), spiritual (spiritual world of personality, perception of humanity spiritual culture, education, science, art, religion, moral, ethics; selfconsciousness, mentality, vital self-definition, attitude toward sense of life, estimation of realization own capabilities and possibilities), social (economical factors, relationships with society; labour, rest, way of life, social defence, health protection, safety existence and etc.).These components are closely connected and are determing the harmonic state of man’s health. There is almost always their integrated influence in the real life. Thus, a health is such total combination of properties of a living organism and also influences of environment, that guarantees optimal development, growth and opening of all positive properties of personality, her talents and gifts, providing physical and intellectual capacity to the maximally long-term way of life.From that point of view we consider the health care environment of modern preschool educational institutions as difficult, multidimensional and polysyllabic system, where the purposeful, educationally-premeditated activity of teacher-educator are directed to forming healthy personality ofpreschool child.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: health, health care environment, healthy person, preschool educational institutions, preschool children.
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