Selection of Academic Vocal Repetoire as Part of Singer Professional Training

Гмиріна, Світлана Вікторівна (2016) Selection of Academic Vocal Repetoire as Part of Singer Professional Training Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі : науковий журнал (1). pp. 105-108.

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The article discusses technology and methods of selection of training pop­jazz vocal repertoire for solo singing classes. Selection of training repertoire requires the vision of pedagogical process as an integrated and coherent system, taking into account the individual capabilities of the students­singers, temperament, vocal and overall musical culture. Selected repertoire for every student must meet the level of his vocal and performing skills and to promote vocal and artistic development and maintenance of the singer. The article assues the principles of selection the vocal works for pedagogical repertoire, the methods of selecting of training pop­jazz repertoire for students­vocalists. It is stated that perfect methodically selected training repertoire plays a great role in future solists­vocalists professional training. Students are recommended to start with vocal compositions with a small, limited range of singers, in the middle tessitura voice at a moderate pace, with a simple melodic line. Selection of difficult repertoire can cause negative consequences. If the vocal work requires a great strength in sound or uncomfortable for the student singer’s tessitura, it can cause injury of vocal apparatus. It is highlighted the content of vocal genres that are the basis of future singers­vocalists’ educational training repertoire, in particular: vocalise, folk songs, jazz standards, romance, world hit. It is offered examples of musical compositions that have a positive impact on the student­vocalist’s vocal development. The article defines the role of the right repertoire for future soloists’ training. There also analysed methods of formation of the training pop­jazz repertoire. Diverse training vocal repertoire acquisition contributes much experience in various areas of pop­jazz music. In the process of professional training each student finds his favorite style that suits his temperament, nature and vocal music taste. Therefore every teacher must help shape an individual performing style of student by a true vocalist vocal repertoire selection.

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