Mykhailo Hrushevskyi on preconditions, reasons and driving forces of “Khmelnychchyna”

Щербак, Віталій Олексійович (2016) Mykhailo Hrushevskyi on preconditions, reasons and driving forces of “Khmelnychchyna” Київські історичні студії (2). pp. 11-15.

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In the study of the early modern history of Ukraine it is primarily analyzed the achievements of the authors of positivistic direction, which coincided chronologically with the development of national science. However, with the introduction of new methods of historical search, characteristics of works of the fi rst phase of scientifi c studies often turn into criticism. It is quite natural that along with development of scientifi c knowledge the evaluation of various events and phenomena is transformed, submitted in the form according to the level of  methodological tools. However, the  application of  innovations does not always lead to  new approaches towards of  understanding the  past. A striking example is the  analysis of  preconditions, reasons and driving forces behind the  rebellion in  1648, highlighted in  the work of  Mikhailo Hrushevskyi “Istoriia Ukrainy-Rusy (History of  Ukraine-Rus)”, volume 8. The scientist considers the  growing role of  the nobility, who managed to block the  initiatives of  the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth king Vladyslav IV, implementation of  “Ordination of  Zaporozhskyi Army” in  1638, colonization movement of  Ukrainian population to  the Left Bank and confessional factors as  main prerequisites. The reasons of  the nationwide uprising in  Ukraine in 1648, which M. Hrushevskyi called “Khmelnychchyna”, he fi nds out on the basis such sources as “Eyewitness Chronicle (Litopys Samovydtsia)”, the  works by Hryhoriy Hrabianka and Samiylo Velychko, on  the opposite camp — statements of Polish nobleman Jan Kushevych, writers Vespasian Kohovskyi, Samuil Grondsky and Nathan Hannover. The main reasons are defi ned as social ethnic and religious issues. The scientist drew attention to  the formation of  a broad opposition of  noble-magnate regime in  Ukraine. Besides Cossacks, it  included peasants, tradesmen, petty nobles, Orthodox clergy. Detailed analysis made by M.Hrushevskyi regarding preconditions, reasons and driving forces of “Khmelnychchyna” gives the ground to  defi ne its purpose and character, which contravene with  existing historiographical defi nitions: “civil war”, “peasant war”, “Cossack war”, “Cossack revolution”, “national revolution” etc. It seems more appropriate to use the term “liberation war” as it covers all the aspects of ethnos struggle against social and national oppression.

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