Outside camp environment of Ukrainian Galician Army interned troops in Czechoslovakia: everyday routine of working units (1922–1923)

Срібняк, Ігор Володимирович (2016) Outside camp environment of Ukrainian Galician Army interned troops in Czechoslovakia: everyday routine of working units (1922–1923) Київські історичні студії (2). 49-59*. ISSN 2524-2749

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On the basis of the involvement of a wide range of sources the main manifestations of everyday routine of internee soldiers of the Ukrainian Galician Army (UGA), consisting of sections of workers sent to different areas of Czechoslovakia for a wide range of acti vities. In particular, UGA internee soldiers used to perform security services, military service, worked at the Czechoslovak military units, the others worked in construction, carried out repairing works, harvested wood. Internees were very motivated workers during their stay in the working team, because it gave the opportunity to earn extra money for their own maintenance, and sometimes collect even small amounts to maintain their parents or families in Poland. Instead, staying in the camp deprived of such opportunities, putting this category of internees in quite diffi cult conditions sometimes tight survival beyond their capabilities. The vast majority of internees bravely withstood all the diffi culties in the works, but some soldiers left working units illegally in search of a better life, which was due to the desire to earn extra money. In this situation the Ukrainian military leadership soldiers considered it appropriate to give all internee soldiers permission to work in private, thereby signifi cantly reducing the number of deserters. Being outside the camp workers kept the military organization units, each team was assigned to Josef UGA offi cers. In their spare time members of working units trying to organize their leisure time, operated educational courses and schools for uneducated. From the camp Josefov the workers took books, literature and periodicals. In some units of the workers it was organized the group of fans who were preparing for soldiers improvised theater. Internee soldiers from the workers’ units always participated in the collections of funds for national and boundary needs, thus making a contribution to the struggle for the liberation of Ukraine. But outside camp environment had not only bright and positive side for UGA internee soldiers. Diffi cult conditions in a foreign country, transferred soldiers disease, unsettled life, nostalgia  — everything aff ected harmfully their health, and sometimes resulted in deaths among soldiers. In addition, it is negatively reflected on the state of disciplines, including individual archers refused to follow orders of their immediate superiors. The situation is complicated by the fact that the unity of the soldiers from the workers tried to ease division’s agents of some neighboring countries. Nevertheless Home Team of UGA units in Czechoslovakia largely managed to eff ectively counter these hostile attempts to maintain morale and interned at a suffi ciently high level. The devotion to the national cause UGA soldiers gave all Ukrainian examples worthy of emulation, and their endurance in diffi cult conditions of existence in a foreign land to further inspired a new generation of Ukrainian patriots.

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