Трансцендентальный смысл духовного воспитания личности в сфере музыкального искусства

Олексюк, Ольга Миколаївна (2016) Трансцендентальный смысл духовного воспитания личности в сфере музыкального искусства Колективна (двоосібна). Sudarė ir parengė Jonas Kievišas, Vilnius: Žuvėdra.

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The article deals with the problem’s theoretical and empirical aspects of spiritual education’s transcendental sense of the individual in the sphere of musical art. Analysed the category of "spirituality – spiritual education – musical education – the transcendence of the personality’s spiritual education ". The projective research methods of transcendental sense of students’s spiritual education of higher educational institutions music profile have showed. Cultural transcendence is understood as spiritual work is the work of higher spiritual values, and its result is as a spiritual beyond real historical process of life. In the arts, has attained transcendental sense, is something that transcends the spiritual. After all, the spiritual, although approaching the idea of a genius, but still genius leaves, since the latter is incompatible with free will, this early in the totalitarian personality. The universality of the spiritual education of the individual is the recognition of absolute values, that is a fact of spiritual experience common to all people. Consequently, the paradigm approach is the foundation of musical-pedagogical education, as it focuses on the realization of the priorities of higher spiritual values that, in fact, is one of the main areas of contemporary musical and pedagogical thought. The article explores the forms of spiritual experience and consciousness, which are brought to a different time of genesis, to the temporary layer of human life, where rooted hidden, but very important for his life and the spirit of the ability. Forms that escape from the real-time action and control of everyday life, in an article called imagination, poetic imagination and metaphor.

Item Type: Monograph (Колективна (двоосібна))
Uncontrolled Keywords: spirituality; spiritual education; music education; transcendence; projective method;
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Date Deposited: 15 Feb 2017 08:07
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