A poet by Volodymyr Bazylevskyy: anique outlines of imagery paradigm

Гальчук, Оксана Василівна (2017) A poet by Volodymyr Bazylevskyy: anique outlines of imagery paradigm Studia Philologica (Філологічні студії) : зб. наук. пр. (8). pp. 106-111. ISSN 2311-2425

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The article examines the paradigm of the poet’s image in poetry by Volodymyr Bazylevskyy in the light of author’s reception of  the artistic traditions of  antiquity. While developing a  diverse aspected image of  the poet formed in  Greco-Roman literature, the  Ukrainian artist perceives the  antique text as  a  background for  mythological, historical and cultural representation of  poetological complex images. Bazylevskyy reflects on  the  question of poetry’s nature, the artist’s role in difficult periods of nation trials. The author’s palette of poetological images and motives ingrained in  antiquity demontrates a  creative transformation of  national reception tradition of  antique text that was established during of high modernism. Bazylevskyy’s interpretation of poetological complex images combines features of  neoclassical (particularly in  postulation of  the topic of  poet’s sacrificial duty and imagesculture triggers) and symbolist (through Orphic imagery and problematic) interpretation model of precedented text. Characteristically, Bazylevskyy finds these images similarly to neoclassicists among the writers of antiquity (Homer, Catullus, etc.) and writers of the twentieth century who were victims to the totalitarian regime (e.g. Evgen Pluzhnyk). Bazylevskyy also uses the  experience of  poets who represent symbolist interpretation of  Ukrainian antiquity. In particular, he develops Orphic imagery and problematic: Orpheus mytheme appears in  different contexts as a modern poet incarnation; and the motif of art becomes a part of the cosmological complex where a new world is born in the battle of space and chaos. Nationalization, transformation of  a proper name into a  generalized symbolic one, modernization, transition of  a   ythologeme to  a  paraphrase etc. are characteristic of  the author’s reading of  antique images. Overall, by the virtue of antique imagery Bazylevskyy creates a complex system of artistic perception of the world as a crisis, where the poet assigned the role of a courageous guard of spirituality that is expressed in the word.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Volodymyr Bazylevskyy; poetology; image paradigm; mythologism; interpretation;
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