Reading and Translating US Women Drama

Гайдаш Анна Владиславівна (2017) Reading and Translating US Women Drama 72598.

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This collection of texts is based on the plays written by women playwrights of the USA. They are mainly about women and their worlds – men, children, careers, health, identity and struggle with stereotypes. All of the selected plays read well and help develop oral skills. Several dramatic pieces are experimental in form, while others are traditional, well-made plays. Three plays are offered to work out at a term for the students of the first year of studying. There is correspondence between current curriculum and the selection of reading material. Thus, in the first term the topic “Relationships: family, home” is accompanied by Alice Gerstenberg’s one-act “Overtones” dealing with the institute of marriage. The issue of education is represented by excerpts from a recent hit “W;t” authored by Margaret Edson. The fragments of W.Yamauchi’s play “And the soul shall dance” concentrate upon the notion of home. The second term studies meals and cooking in Tina Howe’s “The art of dining” as well as clothes and fashion in the 19th comedy of manners “Fashion” by Anna Cora Mowatt. Besides, students are offered to review Shakesperean heritage through the lens of the contemporary drama incorporated by Wendy Wasserstein in her playlet “Waiting for Philip Glass”.

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