Ukrainian youth movement in the context of the european system of international relations in 1920–1939s

Гуменюк, Олена Анатоліївна (2016) Ukrainian youth movement in the context of the european system of international relations in 1920–1939s Київські історичні студії (1). pp. 19-26. ISSN 2524-2749

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The problem of Ukrainian youth emigration in the European system of international relations in 1920–1930s is actual for investigation in modern history. During the interwar period such countries as Czechoslovak Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria were the most important centers for the Ukrainians. Above 100 thousands of Ukrainian emigrants were concentrated in Europe. Young people represented considerable part of them. Youth movement of the Ukrainian emigration consisted of three constituents: students, scouts and so called “falcons” or ”sokols”. So, the fi rst and the largest group of young Ukrainian emigrants were represented by students. They were considerable part of Ukrainian emigration. Their amount, for example, in Czechoslovak Republic during the interwar period was approximately 5000–7000. In Europe students’ emigration had peculiarities, mostly social and legal, which depended on the governmental policy to emigrants in diff erent European countries. Ukrainian students in Czechoslovak Republic infl uenced greatly the all Ukrainian emigration in Europe. They were basis not only for scientifi c and cultural work, but also created new Ukrainian political system abroad. During the interwar period Ukrainian students founded more than 100 academic, educational, professional, cultural, sport, political organizations in Europe. The Central Union of Ukrainian Students Organizations was established in Prague in 1922 and acted during the next twenty years. Ukrainian scouts or Plast was the second branch of Ukrainian youth movement. The net of Ukrainian scouts was very powerful and spread in all European regions. At the beginning of 1930s in Czechoslovakia it was founded the Union of Ukrainian Plast-Emigrants which coordinated activity of other Ukrainian scout organizations in Europe. The Plast closely cooperated with the Czech scout movement. Ukrainian scouts took part in international scout competitions and congresses, presenting Ukrainian nation among foreign community. Physical training was considered by the majority of Ukrainian young emigrants to be not only a kind of sport activity, but also the way of patriotic upbringing. Going in for sports, young people cultivated fi rst of all national spirit in healthy bodies. Because, after graduating the universities, emigrants had to become not only true professionals, but also healthy patriots, ready to struggle for the Ukrainian independence. In that case, the third branch of Ukrainian youth movement is presented by sport organizations. Sport was very popular among all the groups of emigrants. Taking part in diff erent sport competitions, the Ukrainians got opportunity to present their achievements at the international level. The most powerful Ukrainian sport movement could be researched through the activity of so called “falcons” or “sokols”. In Czechoslovak Republic it was even founded the Union of Ukrainian Sokol’s Abroad. Numerous members of that Union took part in international sport competitions, closely cooperated with the Czech “falcons”. Ukrainian emigrants conducted cultural and educational work in their organizations. Important aims of these organizations were: preservation of “national memory” (traditions, culture, history), popularization information about Ukraine among the foreign community, cooperation in the international sphere. In European countries, Ukrainian young people were under the infl uence of all social, cultural and political changes and movements of Europe. Ukrainian emigrants were involved in all these movements, but also contributed to the transformation processes in the interwar Europe. In that case, in high importance is to retrace all movements and process in Czechoslovakia, which infl uenced Ukrainian youth movement in Europe.

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