Actant focus semantics of verb suffixes

Лахно, Наталія Валентинівна (2017) Actant focus semantics of verb suffixes Studia Philologica (8). pp. 17-24. ISSN 2311-2425; 2311-2425

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Functional-semantic category actantial distribution semantics of the verb is not investigated in the Ukrainian linguistics. One important aspect of this problem is that argument characteristic of affixes, particularly suffixes, what is the purpose of our work. The article noted the ability of the verbal suffixes to determine the functional characteristics verbal’s actants through explication actional - aspect and phase characteristics of the verb. The models of actant characteristic are combined within bounds of lexical-semantic variants, they illustrate interconnection between morphological-semantic variants of the suffixes and generative, accumulative and hybrid functions of actants. The value suffixes is set by matching verbs with different suffixes, but identical motivators. Synonymic and paronyms compliance in such pairs were detected. Data are given about redistribution of actancy functions in consequence of the replacement suffix. Verbs synonymous with suffixes primarily denote the active action of the subject or influence of one subject to another and correlate with the generative function of the actants. It is established that synonymous suffixes are mostly ineffective, unsaturated and functionally independent. Cognate verbs in such oppositions are identical actant distribution semantics. Suffixes cognate verbs in paronyms mappings caused to different functions verbal actants, since it is different according to the activity-passivity and limited-unlimited action. Attention is accented on the features of the interaction of suffix and context: on the one hand, the suffix has a strong informative ability and gives the word new lexical information and exhibits relative independence from the context, on the other hand, the suffix may be modified under the influence of the context. This study shows the meaning of verbal suffixes in the formation of the functional-semantic category distribution argument of semantics and fundamental lexico-grammatical categories - appearance and condition.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: suffix; actant division of semantics; generative function; accumulative function; hybrid function; actant-dilator
Subjects: Статті у журналах > Фахові (входять до переліку фахових, затверджений МОН)
Divisions: Факультет української філології, культури і мистецтва > Кафедра української мови
Depositing User: доцент Н.В. Лахно
Date Deposited: 27 Nov 2017 08:45
Last Modified: 27 Nov 2017 08:45

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