The Transformation of the Relation of Christianity to Science; Religious-Philosophical Aspect. – Manuscript.

Стадник, Микола Миколайович (2007) The Transformation of the Relation of Christianity to Science; Religious-Philosophical Aspect. – Manuscript. EngD thesis, Київський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка.

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Tesis for Doctor of Philosophy. Specialization 09.00.11. - religion science. National Kyiv Taras Shevtchenko University. – Kyiv, 2007. The thesis is devoted to the analysis of the investigation of transformatic Christian trends towards science. Its constant changes and a different character of the manifestation are shown during the different periods of time of the development, its transformatic trends are laid in the early period of the Christian formation. In the Middle Ages a specific vision of the world with peculiarities of symbolism and germenevtic, etc. was formed. The formation of western thinking determined the Christian outlook. The period of the New Time is characterized by Newton-Cartesian separation matter and consciousness, which affected on correlation between religious and scientific world outlooks, which were separated as different ways of thinking. In the 20th century the changes happened in the scientific outlook. They showed unfoundedness of classical science that led to the formation of a new paradigm and the theory, whose sense had a certain likeness with some religious-philosophical systems. The comparison of the main religious conceptions and methods of understanding illustrates the existence of different ways of realizing the truth, which were continuously changeable and had the different expressions in the formation of science. The world outlook trends relative to Christianity are provided the irrational comprehension of religious texts that it is shown in our investigation. The crisis of science in the contemporary culture is caused by total relitivisation of scientific knowledge and mostly by such modern principles as decentration and ontological vagueness. The modernization of contemporary Christianity is its adaptation to the new achievements in science that leads to reinforcement of actual crisis in Christianity as well as in science. The present modernization in Christianity leads to the destruction of some dogmas of canonical texts.

Item Type: Thesis (EngD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Christianity; science; transformation; relation; gnosiology; rational cognition; irrational cognition
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Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Кафедра філософії
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