Системне дослідження особливостей засвоєння складоритму дітьми з порушеннями мовлення

Бабич, Наталія Миколаїівна and Луцько, Катерина Василівна and Таран, Оксана Петрівна (2017) Системне дослідження особливостей засвоєння складоритму дітьми з порушеннями мовлення Освіта осіб з особливими потребами: шляхи розбудови: зб. наук. праць (13). pp. 301-309. ISSN 978-966-2459-30-2

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We consider mastering the composition and the rhythm in terms of sensory development of the child with speech disorders. Perception of composition and rhythm, its imitation, memorization, reproduction are provided by various sensory systems and psychical process. Hearing perception of nonverbal and verbal speech sounds, visual perception of articulation activates the analytical and synthetic activity of the child with speech disorders. The functional state of sensory systems is designed for the intellectual development of the child, such as psychical process, expressive and impressive speech, verbal memory, attention. The composition and the rhythm is an important factor in the perception and understanding of oral speech, automation of sound, the development of phonetic and phonemic hearing, verbal memory and teach the child grammar. The composition and the rhythm promotes the development of speech child’s activity, verbal-logical memory, qualitative perception of oral speech, provides the normalization of the analysis process. The proposed technology for studying of optical and spatial orientation, various parameters of movements and actions (dynamic and rhythmic) is the ability to establish a serial sequence of processing the information. Which allows to determine the conditions of development processes of the composition and the rhythm structure of speech in children with different nosologies. Research technology includes four modules. The principle of constructing from modules allows you to change the sequence of elements, bound without loss of content and the end result. We take into account the near and far goals so that they are not lost. The implementation of the modules takes place in a structured sequence. All modules achievement is an indicator of a complete picture of the composition and the rhythm research.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: the composition and the rhythm; sensory systems; psychical pro-cess; analytical and synthetic activity; the child with speech disorders; expressive speech; impressive speech; verbal memory; attention.
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