Choir perfomance as an artistic process

Кифенко, Анна Миколаївна (2017) Choir perfomance as an artistic process Modern tendencies in pedagogical education and science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration (8). pp. 93-99. ISSN 2218-8584

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The given article expands on peculiarities of choir performance as a type of artistic activity. It also reports on the specific character of choir performance as a complex system combining social, artistic and creative, vocal and choral as well as organisational elements. Choir performance is considered to be an artistic process with communicativeness and artistic sense as its main components. The communicative element of choir performance presents itself in such binominal pairs as: composer – musical text; musical text – conductor; conductor – choir; choir – audience; conductor – audience. These pairs give rise to recoding one “language” into another one. Choir performance as a sort of artistic process reveals itself in the essence of the personality’s music and performing culture. Performing culture of a member of the student choir staff can be defined as a group of personal significant qualities such as: experience of performing activity, performing competence and a complex of the performer’s music and artistic skills. Choir performance is a complex system with social, artistic and creative, organisational, vocal and choral components. Choir performance is based on the conductor’s artistic view and his/her interpretation within the scope of music and performance. Underlying the development of artistic conscience, choir performance is a micro-social phenomenon, forming personal significant qualities, performing culture and humane relationships among members of choir staff.

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