Socio-pedagogical preventoin of internet addiction senior pupils

Веретенко, Тетяна Григорівна and Ярмоленко, Крісніна (2018) Socio-pedagogical preventoin of internet addiction senior pupils Актуальні питання гуманітарних наук: міжвузівський збірник наукових праць молодих вчених дрогобицького державного педагогічного університету імені Івана Франка, 1 (19). pp. 145-149. ISSN 2308-4855

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In the modern world, the progress in the field of distribution and development of informatively-communication technologies is collects swift turns. Active use of new facilities of telecommunication, especially the Internet, as a global information resource, attracts society regardless of age, education and social status. Therefore, the unlimited use of gadgets and the Internet network grew into the threat of valuable development of personality, its mental health. The Internet is a rather attractive and easy way to get away from reality, a good way to escape from a variety of problems for those who suffer from problems in the family, at work, prone to depression. Psychiatrists believe it is like a passion for alcohol or gambling and leads not only to the fact that a person postpones the adoption of important decisions, but also before changing her personality. Virtual features the reality is that the user who is in it, “forced” to actualize the subconsciously suppressed infantile representations and behavioral patterns The effect is also enhanced by the fact that it is mostly in line with its own psychological needs of the user Internet addiction is a phenomenon that in recent years has gained a truly spectacular scope. It is especially dangerous for children and adolescents, because it is much more difficult for them to cope with the train of online life and stop in time. The Internet itself is not good or bad – it’s just part of the world that surrounds us, in many ways useful and necessary. Being an inexhaustible source of information, the Internet attracts children the opportunity to learn and see everything. It is interesting to the whole child trying to get as much as possible: communication, games, cartoons, entertainment – and therefore spends a lot of time in the virtual space, often in contrast to real life. Socializing and communicating with peers replaces practically one-way online communication. Active outdoor games are more and more children opposed to network games, which are far from always harmless. Sometimes the search for new information becomes literally an obsessive idea. Senior pupils have to learn resisting a temptation to spend time at a computer in a social environment and through social networks but not only due to the experts’ intervention. This statement explains another principle of socialization of adolescents with Internet addiction. The process of juvenile communication with a computer should take place without interruption of educational process and under the guidance and supervision of adults. So, the problem of Internet addiction is attracting the attention of public authorities and is quite relevant among scholars around the world and encourages more in-depth research and the search for effective ways to overcome it.

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