Polemology and Conflictology: on the Way to Understanding the Nature of Hybrid Warfare

Додонов, Роман Олександрович and Ковальський, Григорій Євгенович (2018) Polemology and Conflictology: on the Way to Understanding the Nature of Hybrid Warfare Наука. Релігія. Суспільство (1(61)). pp. 16-27. ISSN 1728-3671

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The article is devoted to methodological problems and manipulative mechanisms of hybrid war, touched upon in the collective monograph "Hybrid war: in verbo et in praxi". Thanks to a combination of polemological and conflictological approaches, its authors managed to systematize and generalize theories of war and peace, clarify contemporary western concepts of warfare, outline the specifics of the Russian view on the hybrid war concept, assess the significance of information and manipulation technologies for hybrid wars, analyze a number of geopolitical and socio-cultural dimensions of modern hybrid wars. The polemology is a branch of science, which studies the nature of armed conflicts, their role in time and space, cycles, intensity, scope, scale, and causative relations and their classification. Polemology deals with the wars and armed conflicts of the past, present and future. Novel hybrid wars take a respective place among them. They involve using all available warfare, regular and irregular, cyber and those allowing for the use of weapons of mass destruction, and also information, psychological and propaganda war using the latest information and media technologies. According to the classical approach, the state is the only subject of military actions, but today its role has changed dramatically under the influence of other political and economic supranational and trans-border factors. For the purpose of studying wars and armed conflicts from the polemological perspective it means the need to focus on social changes in all the areas of human life, on considering various elements of the political, economic or even technological context, which influence the war as a social phenomenon.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Polemology; Conflictology; Philosophy of War; Hybrid Warfare; Information Manipulative Technologies; Mass Consciousness; Mythology; Ideologues; Transgression
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