Transformation of the Concept “Historical Memory” in the Post-Maidan Ukraine

Додонов, Роман Олександрович (2017) Transformation of the Concept “Historical Memory” in the Post-Maidan Ukraine Культурологічний вісник. Науково-теоретичний щорічник Нижньої Наддніпрянщини (38(2)). pp. 25-32. ISSN 2413-2284

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This article deals with the meaningful and functional transformations of the "historical memory" concept. The Post-Maidan state of the Ukrainian value-spiritual space revealed its insecurity from external interventions and, at the same time, actualized theoretical studies of a great number of concepts that should contribute to the development of the humanitarian security system in Ukraine. Among them – the historical memory concept, which denotes a set of prescientific, scientific, quasi-scientific and non-scientific knowledge and mass representations of society about the common past. History has not ceased to consider as a significant factor for most Ukrainians and as a memory of certain historical events which. This factor is a powerful irritant for public opinion, capable to perform mobilization functions in preconflict and conflict situations. The purpose of the study is to reveal the regularities of the transformation of the "historical memory" concept in modern (Post-Maidan) Ukraine. Here is given the definition of historical memory as "the ability of the human mind to preserve the individual and collective experience of interpersonal relationships and to form on its basis the idea of history as such and its place in it". Historical memory is a source of information for historical science, but is not identified with it. It is proved that the historical memory" concept or "memory of the people" is used to indicate the information block, which refers to official, ideologically verified version of history, which is considered to be, in the best case, as additional, oppositional, semi-marginal phenomenon. Unlike official history, which is "written" by professional scholars, historical memory is based on testimonies, personal experience of many people, participated in historical events. The generally accepted interpretation of history may not correspond to the assessment that spontaneously developed among participants and which was conveyed orally to descendants, creating an alternative version of history. So, individual memories become a collective property, forming resistance in society to excessive manipulation. But since the image of the past is dynamic, it constantly changes, depending on the actualization of the ongoing problems. The government has a temptation to use the folk memory potential for its own legitimation. In this case, the subject of historical memory is not people, but power, which broadcasts on behalf of the people. In the process of institutionalizing historical memory, there are transformations that turn its elements into ideologues and the official history is once again rewritten. The content of historical memory, which was previously in opposition to the official version of history, is now becoming an official version, while in the depths of the social psyche a new layer of memories is born that will be able to correct this official version in the future. The cycle is repeated. The meaningful transformations of the "historical memory" concept in Post-Maidan Ukraine led to the situation when people began to use these terms for something contrary to the original meaning: meaning not careful preservation of memories concerning real events among people but ideological imposition of new image of the past, favorable to the incumbent government. "Policies of memory" become a means of ideological influence on the mass consciousness and identity, a source of legitimacy of state institutions. The main vectors of historical memory (Kravchuk-Yushchenko-Poroshenko and Kuchma-Yanukovych governing) are analyzed. The formation of a "new historical memory" in the mass consciousness is predicted and is oppositional to the newest ideologues.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: historical memory; social psychology; history; memory politics; memory wars; Ukraine; decommunization; historical memory vector
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