Manifestation of an archetypes in the novel by A. France «The gods are athirst»

Динниченко, Тетяна Анатоліївна (2018) Manifestation of an archetypes in the novel by A. France «The gods are athirst» Султанівські читання. pp. 271-279. ISSN 2313-5921

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Aim. The article devoted to the study of archetypes in the novel by the French writer-modernist Anatole France «The Gods Are Athirst» («Les Dieux ont soif», 1912). The aim of the article archetypal images of Anima, Rescuer, Hero and Dragon in the text of the novel and analyze their influence on the personality of the main character of the novel Evarist Gamlen. Methods. In the investigation there has been used the system approach by means of archetypal criticism culture and historic method, psychoanalytic interpretation and intertextual analysis of the text. In the article there has been used the concepts of «collective unconscious», «archetype», «archetypal image», and others proposed by K. G. Jung in the analytical psychology. Results. It has been point out that in Anatole France novel «The Gods Are Athirst» was represented the archetypal basis of the image creation. It has been prove that such archetypes as Anima, Rescuer, Hero and Dragon, was activated by collective unconscious during the Great French Revolution, destroyed the Evarist Gamlen personality, and lead him to the transformation into a bloodthirsty and ruthless fiend. Scientific novelty. In the article, for the first time there has been analyzed Anatole France novel «The Gods Are Athirst» from the archetypical criticism point of view. Practical meaning. The material of the article can be used for the study of French literature of the end of the 19th – beginning 20th centuries.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: archetypal criticism; ego-history; collective unconscious; archetype; archetypal image; allusion; anima; numinousness
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