The main philosophical problems of Early (Ancient) Platonism

Шепетяк, Олег Михайлович (2018) The main philosophical problems of Early (Ancient) Platonism Идеи. Философско списание (специално научно издание), 2 (12) (VII). pp. 18-25. ISSN 1313-9703

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A significant gap generally remains within Platonism – a period that began with the death of Plato drops out. It seems that Academy did not function between Plato and Plotinus. The purpose of this research is to make an attempt to systematize and succinctly present in one text what is known to narrow circle of specialists about the development of Platonism in the first decades after the death of Plato. After the Plato’s death his philosophy has continued its development. Center of Platonic philosophy was the school in Athens – Academy, founded by the great philosopher, which continuously existed until 84 BC when it was destroyed by Sulla. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius has revived the Academy. Period of development of Platonic philosophy between the Plato’s death and destruction of the Academy by Sulla is called Early (Ancient) Platonism. For the quarter of the millennium of Early (Ancient) Platonism, Plato’s philosophical thought has undergone significant changes. This period can be divided into three intervals: the first or Ancient Academy, which was marked by Pythagorean influences; second Academy, which was marked by a radical skepticism; new or third Academy, which developed the ideas of moderate skepticism.

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